A Career in Television - Peter Minns - Writer, Producer, Director.

For the BBC

Producer / Director




Mystery of the Crystal Skulls - Everyman

Investigation into one of archaeology's strangest puzzles - the mysterious Crystal Skulls.



Writer / Director 30 Years On.. .The Birmingham Bombings
Winner RTS Midlands Best Independant

Producer / Director


Memo from Machiavelli -


A part-dramatised contemporary history, starring Ian Richardson.

Writer / Producer / Director St. Peter and the Early Church

Why was the man who denied Christ entrusted with the future of the early church? 

Producer / Director Did Jesus die on the Cross? For BBC 4

Nominated RTS. Investigation into the theory that Jesus survived the crucifixion and died in India.

Producer / Director


Mad Cows and Englishmen

The history of BSE - programmes 2 and 4

Producer/Director Ancient Voices - The Empire of Death

Exploring the origin of death cults in ancient Nubia.

Producer / Director Chris Pattens East and West
Winner - Indie Awards.

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