A Career in Television - Peter Minns - Writer, Producer, Director.

Productions for Channel 4

Director  The Cold Case Squad 
A team of experts attempt to solve cases that have baffled the police. 

Director A Matter of Life and Death - Dispatches
An investigation into Britain's railways.

Director  Lennie Smith  - Dispatches

An investigation into a child paedophile gang.

Director Blair's Year

An inside account of New Labour's first year in power.


Producer/Director Under the Hammer

A two part special on the involvement of Sothebys with the smuggling of paintings and antiquities.

Nominated RTS awards.

Director The Hunger Business
A two part investigation into the abuse of aid in the Third World.

Director A Question of Sleaze

Al Fayed's exposť of Neil Hamilton.

Director Death of the Marchioness - Dispatches
Part 2. Nominated RTS awards.

Director  Death of a Specialty - Dispatches
National Health Service cutbacks

Director  The Power Connection - Dispatches 
Exploring connections between electricity and cancer

Director Never Again
Peter Hennessy's four part history of Britain

Director  All the Presidency Men  

Dispatches Special

Britain's presidency of the EU.

Winner Prix Stendhal, best EU documentary.

Director Citizen 2000

Two series of three half hour programmes following 20 children who would be eighteen in the year 2000.

Producer  Street Legal
A six part series spotlighting flaws in the British legal system.

Director Blind Data - Award winning Dispatches
The National Health Service computer scam.

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