A Career in Television - Peter Minns - Writer, Producer, Director.

Productions for  ITV

Producer / Director Rageh Omaar's Tsunami Journey

Six months after the disaster, Rageh asks survivors and relatives how their faith has changed.

Director Victim 0001

The story of the New York fire chaplain whose body was the first to be recovered from the twin towers attack of 9/11

Winner Best Documentary Sanford St. Martin Trust  

Series Producer / Director D-Day Despatches
5 nightly reports to commemorate the 60th anniversary of D Day.  John Suchet reports the news as it could not be told in 1944.

Writer / Director Opera Babes in Jerusalem

Modern opera singers, Rebecca Knight and Karen England, investigate the roll of women in the Easter Story.

Writer / Director  Bethlehem, Follow the Star

Christmas Day special 2003 with opera singer Tony Henry re-discovering the Nativity story.


Writer / Producer / Director Girls Night Out

A 50 minute observational documentary on ladette culture.

Nominated RTS  

Writer / Director The Mystery of the Shroud

A 50min archaeological investigation into the only 1st century shroud to be discovered in Jerusalem.  

Director Two Strangers and a Wedding
A 50min story of  blind date marriage through a Birmingham radio station promotion.

Nominated RTS

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