A Career in Television   Peter Minns - Writer, Producer, Director.

Productions for the BBC

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Award winning programmes such as "30 Years On...The Birmingham Bombings" and "Chris Patten's East Meets West", plus many more.

Left: Mad Cows and Englishmen.

Productions for ITV

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From "Victim 0001" the winner of the Sanford St. Martin 'Best Documentary' to "Opera Babes in Jerusalem".

Left: Victim 0001

Productions for Channel 4

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Historic Channel 4 documentaries such as "A Question of Sleaze" and RTS nominated productions "Under the Hammer" and "Death of a Marchioness".

Left: Under the Hammer

Discovery Channel

and Corporate Productions.

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From "International Sub Rescue" to an Anti Terrorism documentary for the Middle Eastern Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Left: The Search for Nefertiti

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